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17 Février 2017



Under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and the small and medium-sized enterprises, the Technical Packaging Center PACKTEC organizes the prize award ceremony of the the best Packaged Olive Oil National Competition, on Thursday, April 19, 2018, at the Golden Tulip Hotel- Gammarth..

This ceremony aims to valorize Tunisian olive oil quality. It confers olive oil producers recognitions on the part of experts notably in Branding. Besides the organoleptic evaluation, the added value is especially associated to packaging innovation. In fact, a jury chaired by the Technical Packaging Center, PACKTEC, proceeded to the technical and esthetic evaluation of olive oil packaging.

The competition rules have been in compliance with the IOC Standards. Moreover, the evaluated olive oils have been divided into two categories: extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity and extra virgin olive oil with medium fruity.

Below the winning companies in each category:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with intense fruity

- The first prize winner: Tunisia Natura

- The second prize winner: Huilerie Loued

- Le third prize winner: Bulla Regia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with medium fruity

- The first prize winner: Al Jazira

- The second prize winner: Medagro

- The third prize winner : TAOOC

Guests and visitors had the opportunity to spend a unique evening in a warm atmosphere worthy of beautiful occasions. A musical and choreographic animation as well as several expert interventions were scheduled on the occasion.

Besides, a short documentary entitled "Tunisian olive oil, and there was light!" was realized and projected for this occasion. It aimed to reveal all the facets of Tunisian Olive Oil history back to numerous Mediterranean civilizations to notably Phoenician and Carthaginian. Besides history, the movie emphasized the peculiarities as well as the benefactions of olive autochthonous varieties.

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