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    Société : TOPOLIVA

    Directeur Général : Bechir Ben Maad

    Directeur Commercial : Bechir Ben Maad

    Activités :

    TOPOLIVA is specialized in the extraction, conditioning and marketing of olive oil. TOPOLIVA Company was created in 1997 by Mr Bechir Ben Maad, in order to concretize a generation-to-generation experience in the cultivation of olive-tree and the production of olive oil. It is located in the South East of Tunisia in the island of Djerba. Our company insists on following the international standards to obtain the ISO 22000 certification. With highly sophisticated equipment, Topoliva assures you a high_quality product

    Adresse : B.P :62-Erriadh Jerba

    Téléphone : 75 671 521

    Téléphone : 71 947 557

    Fax : 75 670 485

    Fax : 71 947 517

    • Marchés à l'export : Europe, Asiatique, Pays de golf
    • Liste des marques : Terra Bella, La Medina, Meninx, El Hara
    • Certifications : ISO 22000 :2005