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15 Avril 2019



Tunisian olive oil holds a special esteem that is shared by a people who knew how to make from the attachment to the land a pledge of prosperity.

It is significant to recall that, in Tunisia, more than 30% of arable land are dedicated to olive cultivation and that the local authorities, at the request of olive oil exporters, have founded in 2006, the Packaged Olive Oil Promotion Fund FOPROHOC in order to impulse olive oil exports all over the world under Tunisian brand.

On this regard, the Technical Packaging Centre (PACKTEC), responsible of the generic promotion program financed by the aforementioned Fund, has decided to encourage companies to take part to international olive oil competitions by shipping their samples to seven competitions: ATHIOOC (Held in Greece), AVPA (Held in France), OLIVE D'OR (Held in Canada), New York IOOC (Held in USA), London IOOC (Held in UK), OLIVE JAPAN (Held in Japan) and China IOOC (Held in China).

Such an action aims to point out the fact that in Tunisia which is the major world olive oil producing country excluding the European Union, several olive oil producers have a great potential.

Until this day and following the results of ATHIOOC, OLIVE JAPAN, China IOOC, London IOOC and New York IOOC competitions, Tunisian companies have won a total of 60 medals, including 1 Best in Class medal awarded to OLIVKO in New York, 18 gold medals, 37 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.




Otherwise, it is important to mention that 2019 was marked by the third prize awarded to BIOLIVE COMPANY (Domaine de Segermès) in the mature fruity category of Mario Solinas Competition. This quality award of the International Olive Council has no equal above all that, during this edition, one hundred and sixty-four extra virgin olive oils from thirteen different countries were presented.

Among these oils, the international jury selected in each of the groups of fruity and in accordance with the bases of the contest, the winning oil following an evaluation grid by means of which were rated on 100 olfactory sensations, gustative and retro-nasal as well as harmony, complexity and persistence. Similarly, the jury proposed to the Executive Secretariat the eligible oils for a second and a third quality prize in each of the fruity categories.

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