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Company : AL ATIKA

General Manager : Mr Yahya Chemli

Sales Manager : Mr Yahya Chemli

Activity :

Al Atika is an olive oil grown in the heart of Tunisia. More precisely, in the south region. Al Qayrawan prides itself on producing the best oil of the country thanks to its privileged geological and climatic conditions.

Al Atika represents the result of ancestral knowledge affiliated with modern techniques in order to preserve all of the benefits and flavors contained in its olives. A dash of daring and a lot of a particular attention on the respect of the grounds and the environment. The harvesting of this unique olive is carried out, in late November and early December, to ensure an olive oil rich in polyphenols. This is the secret of Al Atika to express the intensity of its terroirs.

Our company Société Agricole El Baraka has made it its mission to provide you with this exceptional Tunisian oil in all its complexity: a small aftertaste of bitterness followed by a fruity delicate note. Treat yourself with the representative of its Tunisian soil in its best form in foreign markets.

Adresse : Rue Mohamed Ibn Souhnoun 3100 Kairouan

PHONE NUMBER : + 216 55 955 055

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